My journey to enlightenment was neither predicted nor original. Growing up watching the films of Francois Truffaut did not entice me into a life of bohemian carelessness. I still think “The Truman Show” is terrifying, not inspiring – Note: I still haven’t seen Citizen Kane.

Following a few years working in the creative industry in Europe and New York, I settled in London to study screenwriting and filmmaking. I worked as a supporting artist. It gave me the idea for my first feature script that I later tested as a short film, Ciao Bella. The short film was selected at international festivals and screened twice in London.

 I found set design crucial to making compelling stories and characters come to life. I developed the art direction for several short films, features and music videos before focusing on writing. 

I enjoy creating unusual environments, often using surrealist or historical imagery.  I am a big fan of the 1960’s French & Italian New Waves and Old Hollywood “Film Noir”.

I am currently building a body of work including scripts, short stories and nonfiction articles with a particular interest in mental health and gender dynamics


Film Credits

Ciao BellaWriter&DirectorMarion D.Short, 2019ImDb 
Trust 2Art DirectionPeculiarri FilmsShort, 2020ImDb 
Trust 3Art DirectionPeculiarri FilmsShort, 2020ImDb 
The SurgeonArt DirectionSharpe FilmsFeature, 2019ImDb 
HiveSet DresserCuto!Music Video, 2019Youtube
DoloresArt DirectionOwen NeveShort, 2018
ThirteenSet DresserRoberto MinelliShort, 2018
The New FlatSet DresserRoberto MinelliShort, 2018