Broccoli (Christmas Short Story)

Following the divorce of his parents, Charlie is determined not to enjoy Christmas this year.

Published via Spillwords.

"When Charlie approached the not so red door of his father’s new apartment, he knew this was not to be. On this warm Christmas day, even the weather was off."

The Advice Column (Short Story)

Comedy short dealing with the tribulations of turning thirty.

Published via Bits Bobs & Books.

"All day long I rushed through my work. As though from the moment I woke up in the morning I was, for no reason and no fault of my own, running late."

In Hot Water (Short Story – Under Consideration)

Following the end of an abusive relationship, Jo reluctantly follows her cousin to undergo the Viking Ritual and plunge into icy waters.

Crooks And Cowards (“Noir” Short Story – Under consideration)

In post-war London, Freddie, a young but frail writer, wakes up with blood on his hand and the dreadful suspicion he might have killed his father.